Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(pre)School's out for summer

Preschool ended last week with Graduation, and since I believe we discussed last time how I feel about calling the end of preschool "graduation," we'll move ahead to where I talk about what a great job William did.

After a bumpy arrival William marched up with his class and sat on his seat and performed the entire program beautifully.

He sang the songs, and did the actions.

"If all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops:"

(such a William face, here:)

William's teachers loved him. (We were late one morning and I told Miss Heather it was because he pitched a tantrum. She was incredulous. "I can't imagine him having a temper at all," said she, "he is so sweet and polite all the time!" )

Truthfully, William is so sweet and so polite. This year he has been brave and smart and kind. I am proud of everything he is doing (except for getting long and turning into a kid, that kind of breaks my heart).

Good work, bubbs.

I couldn't possibly love you more.


Jaclyn said...

I love the picture where he's fumbling with his sweater.

Grandy said...

None of the William pics show up on my computer...would you mind emailing them to David, or sending hard copies? I need my WILLIAM fix!! :)