Thursday, January 14, 2010

studio time

After my friend Natalie finished her new studio, she very generously invited me over to play with it:
(she also took this picture of me from behind. I suspect she picked up my camera and thought, "I wonder if this thing actually works?" before taking a test click.)

she even let me shoot with her camera, since mine is a wreck and really ought to be retired.

I have a serious case of camera envy now.
also, a serious bias towards black and whites with a lot of gray. I don't know if you've noticed.
let's talk about how handsome Michael is for a second.

and now, for all the people who tell me I never put pictures of Ivy on my blog:

take that.
much more from this shoot later.

Thank you, Natalie!


Natalie said...

Okay i just looked through them and there is nooooo way you are going to be able to cut it down to nine. Awesome. Good luck! :)

Mauri said...

michael is handsome. i am secretly working on a blooming realtionship with katelyn. by the time he's home from his mission they will be ready to start thier forever :)

Grandy said...

It looks like you had a blast!! The pictures of the most beautiful grandchildren, ever, turned out quite nicely!!!!!!!