Monday, January 25, 2010

everything you need to know about self-esteem, you could learn from William

"Mom! MOM! Today at preschool, I JUMPED, jumped high on my KNEES and went down the SLIDE, it was so funny, Mom."

"sounds funny."

"Yep. Yep, it was. And I jumped like this, and slid down on my knees, and EVERYONE was in the room, they all saw. it was SO FUNNY."

"and everyone laughed?"

"No. I think they were all sick."


Grandy said...

Grandy's adorable, and quite remarkable William (otherwise known as "William, King of the World") is looking so very, very grown up.

Turley Family said...

okay i think he is looking like criff in these pictures

Christofer said...

5 min later and I am still laughing. Classic William.

Margaret said...

These are sooo funny. I absolutely love it!

Nama said...

Oh, William is adorable. Seriously, I can't take it.

And I love these in B&W. Wonderful.