Friday, January 15, 2010


after we clean up the toys, Michael and William go sit on the couch in our darkening family room, whispering to each other and giggling. "Come sit with us, Mom," Michael calls after a moment. "I'll tell you a funny story."
"Me, too," adds William. "I'll tell a story, too."
So I settle down between them to listen.

Michael's Story: I went to bed and I heard something outside my window and it was morning. It was a bird singing. So I went outside and the bird was eating a COOKIE. And while the bird was looking at something else I sneaked over very quietly and I took the cookie and I ate it, and the bird looked back but she thought I was eating a grape and she didn't know I ate her cookie...

(Me: I feel sad for the bird. I bet she was sad that her cookie was all gone.) then I came inside and I sat on the couch and I thought 'what Jesus would like to do' and I felt in my heart, and I hurried and made more cookies and took it outside and then we were all Happily Ever After.

William's Story: We're driving in the car and Mom is trying to give me a granola bar, but then it's too messy so instead she gives me a mango. Two mangos. Then she gives me lots of mangos and a cookie and I eat them all gone in my tummy, they are so delicious. the end. BEEP BEEP.


Christofer said...

If only we could get Michael to follow such a calm, logical thought process every would be great.

Katie Lane said...

I love them. Mangos. That is hilarious.

Grandy said...

I want to sit and eat cookies with Michael and William and the rest of you and live happily ever after!!!!!!
ps What is it with the mangos, anyway???

Ashley said...

I LOVE this picture. especially the b&w conversion. Michael looks so grown up.