Thursday, January 7, 2010

william, king of the world

William has recently become very concerned about being a Big Kid, so when my friend called me to say that one of the kids in their neighborhood preschool had moved, and did William want to go once a week?, he was ecstatic.
Preschool! Just like Michael! Just like BIG KIDS!
this morning was his first class. He came home with a crown and big smile.
(not for the camera of course, that would be letting Mom win.)

"I not smiling, Mom. I not."

Things William has recently declared he will do when he is "a grown-up Dad like Daddy":
  • buy mangos, eat them all gone in his tummy, they will be delicious
  • use a hammer, fix everything
  • go to the gym
  • have a baby in his tummy

I tried to tell him that, as a matter of fact, he will not have a baby in his tummy when he is a grown-up dad, because he is a boy. And only grown-up girls have babies in their tummies. WOW, did that make him angry. "I WILL, MOM," he yelled. "WHEN I A GROWN-UP DAD, MOM!" and then he proceeded to vigorously ignore me for the better part of 30 minutes. It was fantastic.

(as a matter of fact, it was so funny I couldn't really resist taunting him. a little. "Hey, William," I'd say, "are you talking to me yet?" he'd glare for a minute, then turn his little nose up in the air and walk away. he snubbed me. oh, man. It was so great. I wish you'd been there.)

(also, I'm super excited to tell him this story in ten years.)


Ashley said...

okay, i know for a fact he went no longer than 30 minutes ignoring you... because after 30 minutes I KNOW that boy was starving, to death of course. And I am positive he approached you and said something like, "Mommy. I so hungry!"

Spliz said...

you know him so well.

Grandy said...

In my world, this IS the king of the world!!!