Tuesday, February 16, 2010

an abbreviated valentine's day story

I think one of the things that makes Christofer and I so well matched is neither of us is very romantic. We are, in fact, the opposite of romantic. pragmatic, maybe. or just lazy. yes. whatever.

In any event, the upshot of all this non-romantic, pragmatic laziness is that our Valentine's are very low-key. very low-key. they involve pajamas, the kids, and (our one concession to the holiday) eating so much food that afterwards we can't move for an hour or two. Then going to bed.

it's awesome.


This year was ... less awesome. Mostly because we are idiots who decided we were tired of our sick, crabby kids and thought "Hey! if we put them to bed early, we can eat our huge meal after they're asleep! in peace! more chocolate for us! more awesome!"

Instead of boring you with details about just how incredibly difficult and frustrating putting our kids to bed can be, I'll just tell you how, three hours later, I turned to Chris and said, "You know, I think this was quite possibly our least successful bedtime ever."

and he was like, "You are so right. The police showing up is definitely a new low."

"Next time they come," I answered, "I'm going to say, 'Yes, officer, there is a problem! Arrest these children! Lock them up! Let them out when they agree to sleep like reasonable people!' because this is torture, basically."


so that was our valentine's. how was yours?


Margaret said...

what???!! The police showed up? We need more of an explanation than that!

Katie Lane said...

what what?! police?!

The Hungry Homemaker said...

Man, I miss all the fun:)

Ashley said...

hmmm... a little crank 911 phone call maybe?

Grandy said...

THE SAME-however calling the police would have been a good idea!

Spliz said...

they called 911 at least three times.