Monday, February 8, 2010

everyday discipline

me: William! Hey! Did you just hit your sister?

William: yes. I did.

me: That's a very unkind thing to do! You hurt her! Why would you do that?

William: Because...I did it.

me: William, when you hit someone it hurts and it makes them sad. You don't like it when you get hit. If Michael hit you...

William: Michael didn't hit me. I hit Ivy!

me: I know, William. I meant if Michael became angry and hit you, like you just did with Ivy, it would make you very sad. You shouldn't...

William: If Michael was going to hit me, I just run away SO FAST. He couldn't catch me, nope.

me: I think he could probably catch you.

William: Nope! I'm the fastest. I'd hide and he, he, he wouldn't get me.

me: you wouldn't know he was going to ... you know what? I just meant that you don't like to be hit. You know that it's wrong, that it hurts people, so ...

William: I'm too fast. and then , if they catch me, I'll just kick them like this and HI-YA!

me: ... William, I feel you are missing the point.

William: and if they hit me again, I'll bit them.

me: ...

William: and shoot them with my shooter blaster.

me: ...dammit.

William: because hitting is not nice.

me: Yes! Right! Hitting is not nice! just don't hit your sister, okay?

William: okay. I'm so sorry.

me: yeah, sure. go tell Ivy.


Ashley said...

but he is so dang cute.

Katie Lane said...

i'm glad you have so much patience.

Nama said...

Lesson learned?

Grandy said...

I am so glad he is my grandchild!!!! :) It is really fun listening to the blow by blow..but not actually having to be in the ring myself!!! It sounds like you will be spending alot of time at track meets in the future!! :)