Thursday, February 25, 2010


okay, everyone. I think we need to address a few of the issues brought up by Chirstofer's guest post, the first being, yes, Chris is romantic on occasion. As a matter of fact, it is a testament to amount of maturity I have acquired in the last five years that I thought it was a sweet gesture. BEHOLD, I am 29 and have grown as a person. Five years ago, I would have made elaborate gagging mimes and broken up with him; now it seems nice. This is what marriage has done to us. He has become less romantic, and I have become better able to appreciate his romantic gestures.

Love. It changes you.

On to other important clarifications:

  • It's not that roses are my favorite flower, it's just that when it comes to roses I have the same feelings I do about nail polish: if you're going to do it, red is the only color to choose. Go big or go home, you know?
  • I do like to lie to my little brother, that's true, but it's only because he is the most gullible person alive. I am not kidding. I have been lying to him weekly for years, and he still will believe everything I tell him. It is UNREAL, and by UNREAL I mean AWESOME. We'll have to dedicate an entire post some time to Lies I Have Told Daniel That He Totally Believed. (I do think it's important to note I am not his only sibling to take advantage of his trusting nature.)
  • I can read a lot because I read quickly. If I have a novel of 400ish pages, it's pretty standard for me to start after the kids have gone to bed and finish before I go to bed. On weeks where I am short on time or energy, I re-read books I have already read. I re-read a lot of books.
  • I broke up with christofer five times, not six.
  • I do like Prairie Home Companion. Because it is awesome. I also like car talk. I'm not ashamed.
  • I actually don't wear make-up a lot.
  • I'm an independent, but I fully admit I'm very conservative. It's only in comparison with my husband I'm a socialist.

and we're good. Anyone else want to guest post? having a post appear without writing it myself was fantastic.


Mary said...

Dear Liz, Happy Birthday from Aunt Mary! What a wonderful post from Christopher! He's a keeper! Ken and I had a great anniversary...only we celebrated last month with our trip to Salt Lake. If you are reading a book a week, I want a list of the top 5 books last year. Love you!

Christofer said...

I feel I need to clarify your "clarified". It was 6 times. I think you only remember 5 as they probably seemed to run together for you. It's like running a marathon -- after the first 18 miles you aren't quite sure how many you've actually run.

Jon said...

What the…? How do you read so fast? How can I learn to read that fast?

Lincoln said...

Are you really soliciting guest post authors? Because I would relish the opportunity.

Spliz said...

jon- practice.
also, years of competing with my older sister who reads way faster than I do.
also, it depends on what I'm reading. textbooks take longer. even loving it, it took me two weeks to read "The Magic Mountain."

Lincoln- YES. AWESOME. Email me at It can be about anything you want.

Katie Lane said...

i love this. and you and christofer. i think you guys are me and adam, just switched. i am christofer and you are adam.

Katie Lane said...

i almost forgot, I LOVE prairie home companion. my mom made us listen to it every week growing up.

Nama said...

(1) I totally agree with you on the red roses & nail polish. Seriously, are there other options?
(2) I'm completely jealous that you can read fast. I'm such a slow reader, even though I read a lot. How the heck do you practice reading fast? If I try to read fast/skim, I can't remember a dang thing I read. It's a problem.
(3) That's all.

Jon said...

ditto to what Nama said.

Margaret said...

Ditto to Aunt Mary-- you should give us your top 5 PLUS at least something of a "review."

Grandy said...

I would love to comment on lots of the things Christofer said...I will email most. However, let me just say that it does my heart such good to hear that you are REALLY a conservative!!!!!!!!!!! May I again, welcome you to the family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) LOVES