Tuesday, February 2, 2010

because, what?

sometimes I think being a stay-at-home mom is magical.
sometimes I think it's rotten.
and sometimes I think it's a lot like living in a teen movie where I play the straight man to everyone else's drunk guy/stoner/idiot.

it's sort of like living with kelso, I guess.
or a trio of him, rather.

today I walked downstairs and followed a trail of discarded clothing to the front room, where I found William, wearing only his diaper, sitting in a chair and poking his stomach.

"Hey, William," I said. "...what're you doing?"

he giggled like the proverbial school girl. "I a Naked Baby," he announced, then stood up and did a pirouette before sitting down again, still giggling.

"I see that," I said. "I meant, uh, why are you a naked baby?"

he looked up, cocked his head. "I looking at my tummy," he answered. Obviously, his tone added.

"Yes, I see that, too," I said. "But why are you naked and looking at your tummy?"

"Because...because...because," he seemed to have trouble formulating his reply, "because ... because...because, what?" he asked.

"whatever," I muttered. "Hey! how about we get your clothes back on."

"Nope! No. I not. I like to be naked sometimes."

"Yes, but guess what?" I discreetly edged toward him, clothes in hand. " If we put your clothes on, you'll still be naked under your clothes. How great is that?"

He stared at his stomach some more, considering. "still naked?" he inquired.

"Yep," I said, I lunged for his head. But before I got there he leapt up.

"Hey! Mom! Hey! Mom! DID YOU SEE THAT? DID YOU?"

"See what?"

He sucked a big breath in and stuck out his stomach as far as he could.

"MY TUMMY IS SO FAT!" he yelled, and dissolved into laughter.
for twenty minutes.

in closing, I would like to quote Cher Horowitz:

"It is one thing to spark up a doobie and get laced at parties, but it is quite another to be fried all day."

think about it.