Wednesday, February 24, 2010

guest blogger on my birthday

I couldn't think of anything cool to post for my birthday, so Christofer volunteered to do it for me. please be aware that the views expressed herein are solely the property of Christofer, and do not in any way represent the opinions of myself, or the truth. same thing, really.

29 Things you might not know about Liz on her 29th Birthday.

1. She reads more than you do. At least a book a week. Often times more.
2. She gets crankier than you do when she is hungry.
3. She is extremely conscientious about what our kids eat. Spinach shakes for breakfast? Nasty.
4. She is less conscientious about what she eats. Brownies for dinner? Delicious.
5. She is funnier than she thinks.
6. She is a much better writer than she thinks. If I were a good husband, I'd find a way to link some articles she has written. I'm not that good of a husband I guess. But you can trust me on this one.
7. She swears on occasion. Most of the time it's on her blog. She says it's for emphasis. I think it's because she thinks it's funny.
7b. Her mom does NOT think it's funny.
8. She is kinder than you know.
9. She gets this strange aversion to the way I smell when she is pregnant. After the gym or just out of the shower, doesn't matter. It's really weird.
10. She broke up with me 6 different times while we were dating.
11. If she is reluctant to do something, she gives up fighting after the 6th time. you just have to stick with it.
12. She's really beautiful w/o makeup though she wears it anyway.
13. She has a laptop on her lap a couple hours a day.
14. She tortured her younger brother when they were little. Not in the water boarding way but more in the telling him something that was wildly unbelievable and getting him to believe it anyway kind of way.
15. She still does #14 today.
16. She is very good at Scrabble. Or I could just be really REALLY bad at it. I suspect it's just that she is very good at it. She is probably better at it than you are too.
17. She's probably not listening to you. Sounds worse than I mean it. She's just really good at thinking about other things while you are talking -- subconsciously hearing what you are saying and then catching up consciously if she needs to. You probably haven't noticed this. You probably won't. Doesn't mean it's not happening.
18. Her favorite color of rose is red. I'm pretty sure it's because they remind her of me. (I have red hair -- she's sentimental like that.)
19. She's sentimental like that.
20. She can play Phantom of the Opera songs on the harp. Yeah---awesome.
21. She spends more time with my family than I do. Not because she likes them more. I just can't as much. I'm really glad she likes my side of the family.
22. She deserves better than she has.
23. She is more politically conservative than she admits.
23b. She doesn't admit it at all.
24. She listens to a radio variety show that targets the 50yr + crowd and enjoys it.
25. She is a great friend. Most of you knew that one but it deserves mentioning.
26. She really wants to go to Greece. Sorry Honey. That's not your B-day present.
27. She is very honest. Sometimes to a fault. Really? You couldn't just say, "No Honey, your hair is just as thick and full as the day I broke up with you the first time?"
28. I've made her cry more than I would care to admit. She's made me cry twice. I never cry. Yes, one of those times it did have to do with number 10. The other was when she married me.
29. She is loved more than she will ever know.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth.


Katie Lane said...

That was wonderful.
I loved the list.
Happy Birthday friend.
p.s. your present turned out WAY bigger than I thought it would. it's still wonderful.

Spliz said...

my favorite part is when you said I'm funnier than I think I am, because we both know I think I'm pretty funny.

also, I don't know that I've ever been called sentimental before.

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Liz!! I always remember your birthday because it's my parents' anniversary...
That list was so sweet. I'm glad you stopped breaking up with Chris- he's a keeper. Anyway- it's all true- you are an amazing person! Love ya!

Jaclyn said...

This is a perfect post. Makes me happy that you two love each other so much-- I vividly remember helping carry a tv into a University Villa apartment for Christofer's birthday while you were still dating...I have always adored your family.

Natalie said...


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful post and great gift from your husband. Lucky you! and Happy Birthday :)

Turley Family said...

happy birthday liz!

criff that was so sweet!

Adam said...

That was beautiful.

Funny thing is that Liz sounds a little like a female version of me (without the swearing of course).

Laura said...

That DOES sound just like Liz!! Happy birthday!

Kate said...

Who doesn't love Prairie Home Companion? Happy Birthday lovely lady!

Ashley said...

Happy B-day Liz!
I know, please forgive being a day late.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sis!! And I'm so glad you were referring to Prairie Home Companion and not "What do you know." What a lame radio show! Anyway... love you!!!

Jess said...

Happy Birthday Liz! So glad to have you (way to persist Chris), in our family!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday! Precious. Hilarious. Loved it.

Grandy said...

LIZ--You are even more wonderful than he says!!! I'm so glad you are part of our family--even though you don't really like your married name much!!! I am so glad you like Christofer's family so much!! :) ( Especially his Mom!!!!) Christofer is not only a pretty good little guest blogger, but quite awesome, himself! I am thrilled you are good friends. I adore you on your birthday and every other day for always and forever!!!

David and Jana said...

Love it! Hope you b-day was happy!