Thursday, September 3, 2009

double standards

sorry about two lunch posts in two days, but there are important reasons for this:
first, we really love lunch around here. It's a thing.
second, and this is the bad news, my kids are on to me. they've finally noticed that while they're eating this for lunch:

I'm eating this:

and they are not happy about it.
not at all.

so here's the question of the day: do I start sharing my froot loops? Or start eating spinach?

...decisions are the worst.


Anonymous said...

You're so witty and I love reading your blog. Glad to hear you coming this weekend!

Cracka Chips said...

Have I taught you nothing!?! You make something up! Tell them you don't have to grow any more...tell them when girls eat green things it makes their heads dizzy... tell them anything...but what ever you do don't eat spinach. That stuff is nasty! :)