Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the nerd in me

things I'm very excited about this fall:

1. glee*

2.release of The Gathering Storm

3. return of the pumpkin truffle

4. wearing my boots again

5. leaves

6. weekend trips

7. dead mosquitos

I know.

*so the pilot for Glee was on last week, and I made Chris watch the last half with me. "good, right?" I said.
And he was all "so...it's like High School Musical, but a TV show?"
"It is not like high school musical," I responded indignantly, "not at all."
"I mean, I get that it's for an older audience, but it's basically the same," he said.
"Not at ..." then I thought about it. "oh."


Brittney said...

Trent said the SAME thing and then said, "Your not really going to watch that are you?" Maybe we will have to have Glee watching parties together.

Turley Family said...

not going to lie i am so excited about glee! dustin said the same thing...what is it with these guys! wish i lived closer so i could watch glee with you! miss gou guys!

Kate said...

Nate can get you a signed copy of The Gathering Storm. He sees Brandon every week at writing group.
Oh, all the things we'll be missing about a Utah fall this year. Seattle falls are typically damp and dark.

Grandy said...

I'd start with the dead mosquities, being here in Missouri- Misery . I love the leaves soooo much. When is Glee on and what channel?? And I obviously need the truffle recipe, as I LOVE anything having to do with pumpkins!!! Please shoot me an email with answers!!! TOP Fall Excitement for me, on second thought, may be COOLER WEATHER!!!!!

David said...


I can hardly express my excitement about The Gathering Storm. I have been re-reading the series (on Book 9 now), and plan to finish just in time for the next one. Who is Nate, and how can I get in contact with him to get me a signed copy? :D

Cracka Chips said...

Kristin Chenoweth is going to be on GLEE this week or next! I can't wait!