Tuesday, September 1, 2009


hello, and welcome to my three-hundredth post! In honor of this very special occasion, I'd like to become almost unbearably whiny. Doesn't that sound exciting? good, because I'm not kidding. Prepare to be whined at. Everyone else around here gets to whine constantly and receive good-humoured responses, and it is MY TURN:


I'm sick of the grocery store

It's annoying when you hold my leg everywhere we go

For the love of heaven, just stay in bed at night, when will you learn that SLEEP IS BEAUTIFUL

I hate cooking

Big cars are hard to park


I miss high heels

and I don't even like duck, duck, goose.
I didn't even like it when I was your age.
(because it's a stupid game.)


And this is where you guys attempt jolly me out of my bad mood while I stare at you and then respond by either (a) laughing, or (b) screaming really loud and throwing something at your dumb face.

thanks. I feel better.


Natalie said...

I'm going for "A"...

How about the inability to wear black; or wearing black with boogies and cookie crumbs strewn amongst ones shoulder.

Just to give you one more thing to whine about, ya know.

Ashley said...

go shopping!
buy something marvelous!
you deserve it.
if fact I declare once we all hit 300 posts we get to buy ourselves something fabulous!

ayoungblut said...

If they could just figure out how to manufacture boogy snot, It would make the best glue ever,...ever try scrubbing them off the wall? Boogies only get bigger with the kids! I doesn't get better when they get older,...just different, cuz after 18 yrs. of the same old whines, we surely would have eaten our young like coyotes do.

Mark said...

I enjoyed your rant. Jessica and I are potty training Ella. She is doing pretty good so far, but Ella is going through a whiny time too.

kat said...

dude, "duck, duck, goose" is awesome. i put it on par with "ring-around-the-rosies" and "red rover".

Cracka Chips said...

Liz I agree! I hate Duck Duck Goose! (But Red Rover is awesome) I can for sure tell you that I was not a fan of it as a child, as a teacher nor as a Teen forced to play it at a "get to know you" event.
AS for the other stiff.... dude. nothing more then that. Just...Dude!