Monday, August 10, 2009

catch up

While we were in St. Louis this year, I fell totally in love with City Museum. It is extraordinary.

It is made of reclaimed, repurposed objects and materials from around the city. And if I hadn't been there with three little children under the threat of imminent injury I would have done nothing but take pictures: beautiful, beautiful pictures.

It is extraordinary.

wait, did I already say that?

yes. Yes, I did. I meant to say magical. It is magical.

most of my pictures from that day are not, however.

sorry about that.

some places are just too magical, I guess. As in, juggling three kids and a camera becomes impossible.

in conclusion: we really like St. Louis.

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ayoungblut said...

Love the Grandy picture! I love all your pictures, they tell the story!