Monday, August 17, 2009

a few more

behold my entire family:

you would not believe how difficult it was to take that picture.

the girl cousins (and please take special note of the little blond girl on the left. she posed in every single picture. in the one above also. I love it so much, I've decided to start posing like that for pictures, too):

the boy cousins:

my mom and Ivy:

Mags and Michael:

our family:


Anonymous said...

I love the colors your sister used and her wedding dress is very pretty. Classic.

Nama said...

Everyone is so adorable!

Lincoln said...

Wow. That picture is impressive. Is it wrong that I thought "Mormonism in Action" when I saw it. You're all disgustingly beautiful.

Grandy said...

WOW--What an amazingly beautiful family you (we) have!!! Maggie is a very lovely bride!!!!!!!!!! I love her dress and her flowers and her sister Liz and her husand Christofer and their children and....all the rest of her (our) family!! Your Mom looks great and so happy!! Grandma looks glowing. I LOVE GRANDMA!!! That is the coolest picture!!