Friday, August 7, 2009


We made the journey to Iowa this year for Christofer's annual family reunion, poetically referred to as the Coonfeed. This is Grandpa Dale, founding father:

the first thing you should know about the coonfeed is that I was lying when I said the name was poetic. there's nothing poetic about it, the name is completely literal: something like 60 coons were killed, skinned and served up as sloppy joes.

and then people ate them. on purpose.

I know.

no, I didn't eat any coon.

Yes, I fed both the boys a coon burger.

no, I don't feel bad about the double standard.

Where was I? Right. The coonfeed is presently held at Aunt Amy's house in Iowa, and, let me just say, Michael and William think Aunt Amy's house is positively magical.

(for that matter, I think Aunt Amy's house is postively magical. )

The boys played on swings and teeter-totters, drove kiddie cars and chased fireflies. By the time we left they were sweaty and filthy, exhausted and exhilarated.

I'm pretty sure they would have been happy to stay forever.

we had a marvelous time.

coon notwithstanding.


Grandy said...

Liz---Wonderful Coonfeed pics..attractive family all, if I do say so myself!!! Coonfeeds have always been held in heaven (Iowa). And always in quite lovely locations (unless you were viewing the coon). But Aunt Amy's is my favorite. Aunt Amy's (and Uncle Harold's) is completly delightful at all times of the year. You will have to see it at Christmas! There can never ever be too many friends or family members around! And I personally think that there never can be anything as beautiful as a sweet cornfield right in your own front yard!! OK, fine, so I'm from heanen!!! Thanks for the memories! Missing you with love, Leslie Sue Ott

Brittney said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! Although the boys may not be glad to be home, we sure glad you are!

ayoungblut said...

We love having you all. What makes it magical is that it is about family. Everything else (jobs, laundry, church callings,)just stops! Thanks for coming one and all. We love having you here!

Jen said...

Great pics Liz. I still need to attempt how to blow up my pictures on my blog... I haven't even tried I am just daunted by the effort... or maybe I am just lazy:) I am glad you got one of William on the four wheeler. He was sooo proud of himself. What a stud. So, about the boys haircut. Nate's hair is not wavy at all- do you think it would just look stringy and messy instead of cute like Michael's?

Ashley said...

...and I am sooo missing it.