Thursday, August 13, 2009


last night as a family farewell to summer (and also to Maggie and Nate who are going back to Michigan, losers) we went up the canyon for some fun.

because the family that zips together, stays together. that's my mom, by the way.

Chris is such a show-off.
why am I doing the robot in this picture? I don't know.
My dad and Ivy stayed firmly in the audience.
maggie went, of course. I just don't think she'd appreciate any of the pictures I took.

When I asked Michael if he wanted to do it, Chris was all, "Are you crazy?" But I ignored him.
I do that, somtimes.

it was exhilarating.
Here's a picture of abby (posted just to exhibit my one perfect pan of the night):

after everyone went, we found a campsite and made s'mores.

And now I want to go do this every weekend. who's in?
(pictures of me taken by Chris.)


ayoungblut said...

Lucky duck! I am so envious of Michael. He looked like he loved it!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this. Where did you go? It looks like so much fun we will definitely need to try this. Maybe you could Facebook me the details!

Ashley said...

Yes, where did you go? Huggie and I once did the zip line up at Olympic Park. I also heard there is a zip line in Colorado-- the longest in N.America. You ride an old steam train to the top of the mountain and zip all the way to the bottom, stopping at different landing stations throughout. We should go sometime:)

Grandy said...

I'm in for the Colorado trip! I'd like to begin with this one, however! What a blast!! It looked like everyone loved it, except for the look of abject terror on cute little Abby's face!!! Way to go Jeannie!!! Loves

Jen said...

What a stud! No fear, Michael! That looks awesome!