Wednesday, August 19, 2009

one day chums

yesterday I went to lunch with my friend Caro, who is in town briefly:

we have been friends for 12 years.


that might be my longest relationship ever.

(excepting family, of course.)

Caro is an art-historian nursing student, who sometimes moonlights writing video game copy. She once wrote me an email where she was like, "There's a romance writers convention in town, so I decided to go. (You wouldn't believe how many saucy grandma's there are out there.)" And by the end of her email, I had basically concluded that my life would never be complete if I didn't attend at least one romance writers convention.

such is her power. and now I bet you wish you knew her, too.


Laura said...

So....What am I? Chopped Liver!?

Spliz said...

oh! woops.

Laura said...

I really was just kidding! I'm glad you had some fun with an old friend. Besides it's been how many years since we've even seen each other?! Life is hard I guess.

Caroline said...

This delayed comment is brought to you by google reader : only as clever as the goofball who plugs in the feeds. Anyway, I was delighted to read this lovely post, see lovely pictures (eyebrow self-analysis aside) and relive lovely memories. David said "it must be nice to know there's a good review of you on the Internet." I agree! And we will get you to a romance conference, oh yes, we WILL. ;)