Wednesday, August 12, 2009

just a few from grant's farm

I get that this really shows my Salt Lake City upbringing, but I can't help being amused by a petting zoo sponsored by a beer company.
These adorable baby goats, brought you by Anheuser-Busch!
Bring your kids, get two free beers!

I mean, come on. That's just funny, right there.

here we are admiring the Clydesdales. You know. The ones that pull the beer wagon. or whatever it's called.

William kept telling Grandy he wanted to "soft them." That's code for pet them.

we did a lot of walking. after all that, I'm not sure Grandy wants us to come back, ever.

don't be fooled by the sweet picture above. Those baby goats were seriously agressive. Michael fed them for about a minute and then was all, "mama. Mama. I want to go out, now. mama. mama. I want to leave."
But I made him finish anyway so I could take a picture.
because I must capture these precious moments full of abject terror.

I'd like to thank Anheuser-Busch for having made this day possible.


Ashley said...

see, beer can't be all that bad?

Turley Family said...

i have never been there! i want to go next time i go home!

Grandy said...

Grandy does TOO want you to come back---TOMORROW--and never leave! I guess that will necessitate all of your wonderful
SLC area family moving here as well. Great!!! Tomorrow comes in 2 hours!!!!!!!! You still have so much to see and do here! Mark Twain Country is close...and Lilly really misses you!! You have some of the cutest kids and husband I have ever seen! I am looking forward to a self-photo of your new hairdo!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Loves-to "ya'all" !!!!!!!!LeslieSue